The Directorate General Public Private Partnerships is a technical board providing qualified assistance on all what related to PPP, to the political and administrative decision makers, for enhancing their planning, developing and implementing projects activities and protect the vested public interest and budget.


Public Private Partnership (PPP): Partnership between one or more Entities with one or more Private Parties for the introduction or development of infrastructure, facilities and provision of public services in a context that defines roles and responsibilities, risks sharing mechanism and returns in an appropriate manner to amongst parties. Terms and conditions are set out in the Partnership Contract.


The main achievements of the Directorate General Public Private Partnership are that PPP Law which is set under the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is finalized and approved as per the legal presidential decree; National Policy are finalized and approved by the Cabinet of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan.

PPP Regulation is finalized and soon will be approved by the Cabinet of the Islamic republic of Afghanistan.


The term “Public–Private Partnership” describes a range of long-term contracts among public and private entities in the context of infrastructure and other public services. A PPP project is designed to motivate the private sector to invest in government projects and obtain its investment along with profit at a given rate via charging a user fee or tariff for consumers in the long-term.

From an economic point of view, PPP projects will evolve new paths for the private sector to invest in the public sector and sustain long-term turnover. These private investments would create jobs, build capacity of public sector employees, spur innovation, provide essential infrastructure and services, boost the economy and strengthen standards in public and corporate governance. Moreover, PPP projects will provide opportunities for financial institutions to invest their money/reserves in these projects thereby providing an opportunity of restricting the outflow of money from Afghanistan.



Directorate General Public-Private Partnership
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