The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Finance has launched the Public Private Dialogue for Dubai-based National and International investors and Businesses, by financial support of HARAKAT (Non-Government Organization) in Dubai from 13 to 14 September 2020, to encourage, attract and create investment opportunities through Public-Private Partnership within Afghanistan.

The main purpose of this Public Private Dialogue is to awareness about the partnership process, to create mindsets and mentalities for domestic and foreign investor, to build trust and to provide a sustainable and appropriate environment for domestic and foreign investment in various area of the country. Since, the economic growth and private sector development is one the significant economic agendas and strategies of the Government of Afghanistan in order to develop, attract skills and participation of the private sector in the construction and reconstruction of infrastructures, public services, effective uses of current capital in the private sector and banks.

Therefore, in order to create a trustworthy conductive environment considering the economic growth of the country, it is necessary to hold such Public Private Dialogues symposiums inside and abroad thus all government organization, private sector, national and international organization, unions each in the realization and economic growth to strengthen the private sector to have an active role in infrastructure development.

In addition, their thoughts and recommendations will be supportive to the Government of Afghanistan in implementing potential infrastructure projects through the private sector.

Moreover, on the first day after the recitation of the Holy Quran, H. E. Masood Ahmad Azizi, Consul General of I.R of Afghanistan in Dubai and Northern Emirates, gave his opening remarks on the importance of the program. Later, Noor Alam Hakimyar, CEO of Harakat-Afghanistan Climate Facility Organization, presented his information about the importance of the program and private investments to the audience.

It is worth mentioning that H.E Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Acting Minister of Finance, H.E Dr. Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor, Minister of Economy and H.E Abdul Hamid Helmandi, Special Representative of the President for Agriculture and Economic Development delivered their speeches in terms of the Government of Afghanistan Vision for Economic Reforms, inclusive Economic Growth and Private Sector Development.

In addition to this, the following panel member provided sufficient answers regarding the incentives packages, access to finance/capital insurance, and access to electricity, access to land, business registration contracts enforcement etc.

  • E Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal Acting Minister of Finance:
  • Haji Tour Malang Shagiwal, Vice Chair of Afghanistan Chambers Federation and Chairman of Nangarhar Chamber of Industries and Mines:
  • Mohammad Daud Samim – Contract Manager, Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat:
  • Eamal Arman, CEO- Afghanistan Agricultural Development Fund: and
  • Wagma Mohmand Karokhail, Country officer, International Finance Corporation – the world Bank Group.