The Central Partnership Authority shall have the following powers and functions:

  1. Providing technical advice to the entities, High Economic Council, and other relevant parties pursuant to provisions of this law, the Regulation, and the Public Private Partnership Procedure.
  2. Cooperation with other sectorial entities in developing and preparing policies for encouragement, attracting and support of bidders/interested parties in Public Private Partnership;
  3. Registering, analyzing and reviewing concepts of entities and unsolicited proposals of the private party, and ensuring their compliance with the National and Sectorial Development Plans; National priorities social, economic and environmental impacts; and forwarding the required proposals to the High Economic Council for approval, modification or rejection of the same;
  4. Presenting the findings of feasibility study to the High Economic Council in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation and Public Private Partnership Procedure;
  5. Presenting Public-Private Partnership Contract to the National Procurement Authority, following its comprehensive review and analysis, along with all the necessary/supporting documents for approval;
  6. Ensuring project implementation in light of the provision of this law, the Regulation and the Partnership Contract;
  7. Reviewing applications on the ground of government support to the project and providing advice whenever deemed necessary to the Minister of Finance;
  8. Preparing procedures, guidelines, issuing circulars and updating them whenever deemed necessary;
  9. Liaising with the relevant Entities to identify, design, develop, appraise, procure and implement projects;
  10. Managing the project development fund and reviewing applications and providing consultation to respective authority on the method of utilizing the Project Development Fund;
  11. Formulating a policy for and facilitating the use of information technology in respect of the Partnership projects activities, including, establishing database for registration and facilitating procurement, and dissemination of this Law, the Regulations, PPP Procedure, and circulars related to the Public-Private Partnership Projects;
  12. Evaluating the capacity and professional skills of the Entities and/or the PPP Units in Partnership Projects;
  13. Consolidating annual reports received from Entities and/or the PPP Units and presenting the same to the relevant authority for further improvement;
  14. Supervising the process of procurement for Public-Private Partnership to ensure that the rules of procurement are followed in accordance with the provisions of this law, the Regulation, and PPP procedure for Public-Private Partnership Projects;
  15. Performing such other functions conferred on it by a competent authority.