Article 13 of PPP law

The Central Partnership Authority shall have the following powers and functions:

  1. To develop and prepare the Standard Documents, rules of procedures, guidelines, issuance of circulars and standards for utilizing the government support for efficient implementation of partnership program as per the provisions of this law.
  2. To develop Partnership Project selection criteria, project evaluation indicators, to review the Concept, provide technical recommendations to High Economic Council, prioritize, evaluate and decide on how to take forward the proposed Partnership Projects.
  3. To review Partnership Project from the strategic, management, economic, financial, commercial, Value for Money, risks allocation, legal, social and environmental impact perspectives and to provide technical recommendations to the High Economic Council, Minister of Finance, Entity, Private Partner, Proponent, and other involved stakeholders as appropriate.
  4. To set up and maintain a national registry of the Partnership Projects at all phases.
  5. To receive, review, and analyze the requests for government support, and the financial and non-financial impacts of such requests; and advise the relevant authorities on the decision
  6. To assess the fiscal commitment and contingent and non-contingent liabilities of the Partnership Project in the different phases of the project cycle.
  7. To provide technical support to the Entities for development and preparation of Projects after approval of Concept.
  8. To review draft Prefeasibility Study, Feasibility Study and Bidding Documents including the draft Partnership Contract.
  9. To assist Entities in the Project procurement phase of Partnership Project.
  10. To review and assess any proposed award of Partnership Contract that has been submitted by the Entities for further process.
  11. To Strengthen relations and cooperate with Entities in the Project identification, preparation, procurement, and the Partnership Contract management phases of the Projects, and organize public awareness programs and public private dialogues.
  12. To manage the Project Development Fund; including evaluating requests and advising the relevant authorities on how to use the Project Development Fund.
  13. To put in place an information and technology usage policy relating to Public Private Partnership; to facilitate the possibility of information technology application in regards to Public Private Partnerships including the establishment of an information center (database) for registration, facilitating procurement and publishing this law, Regulations, Rules of Procedures, circulars, other legislative documents and the Standard Document.
  14. To assess the capacity and specialized skills of Entities or PPP Project Unit, and organize and deliver capacity building programs.
  15. To consolidate annual reports from the Entities or PPP Project Units and present it to the authorities for improvement of affairs.
  16. To monitor the procurement process Partnership Project and implementation of Partnership Contract, and to ensure that the procurement principles are well maintained as per the provisions of this Law.
  17. To perform other tasks assigned by the relevant authorities.