What is Public Private Partnership?

Public-Private Partnership [(PPP)]: a partnership between an Entity and a Private Party for the purpose of infrastructure development and public services provision, funding, and development of them, in a manner that responsibilities , risks, profit and loss are shared by the Entity and the Private Party on an equitable basis, the Private Party performs the functions of the Entity and utilizes its assets/resources for a particular period of time;

What is project?

Project: are activities implemented for the purpose of providing infrastructure and offering public services by Public Private Partnership;

What is Public Private Partnership contract?

Public-Private Partnership Contract: is a written agreement between an Entity and a Private Party highlighting the conditions and specification of the Project and obligations of the parties thereto;

What is value for money?

Value for Money: comparison of the net profit accruing from implementing a project through public sector vis-à-vis its implementation through Public-Private Partnership considering qualitative and quantitative advantage and selection, whatever course best serves interests of the government;

What is feasibilty study?

Feasibility Study: a preliminary study to be undertaken by an Entity or a Private Party for realization of project goals;

What is VGf in PPP projects?

Viability Gap Fund: Funds that the Ministry of Finance delivers, in the form of grant or financial assistance for filling funding gaps of a project sustainability and protect interests of the Private Party in case it is realized that the project, without such assistance, cannot be completed;

What is PDF in PPP projects?

Project Development Fund: a fund established in the light of the provisions of this law by the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of conducting feasibility study, recruiting of experts and other financial and economic analysis of the project;

What is Unsolicited Proposal?

Unsolicited Proposal: a proposal relating to a Public-Private Partnership Project that is not submitted in response to a request or solicitation issued by an Entity;

Who is Bidder?

Real or legal person who participates in bidding directly or through a representative to submit his/her offer as instructed by Request for Proposal (RfP).

Who is Preffer Bidder?

The bidder who meet the previously set standards of evaluation and is selected to receive partnership contract

What is Offer?

proposal submitted by bidder in respons to RFP to implement partnership agreement